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SES presents  a new generation of high performance nozzles! SES provides high performance nozzles and injector nozzles for all common blast plants and cabinets. SES nozzles combine extraordinary endurance and distinguished shot blasting efficiency. Established and proven equipment in all industries.

  • extraordinary endurance
  • consistent and intensive shot blasting efficiency
  • modular plugging system, saves positioning and adjustment
  • used for dry and wet blasting
  • jet nozzle made of wear resistant boron carbide
  • SES high performance nozzle type S 500 is applicable with all blast devices
  • costs for expandable parts are reduced up to 50%

We would like to offer you a free example, a complete "SES" - high performance nozzle, so you can experience the extraordinary performance and endurance of our expendable parts.
For more information see the brochure „Strahlköpfe“.



We provide protective equipment including overalls, schoes, masks, helmets and respiratiors.
For more details see the brochure „Schutzausrüstung“.


Blast material

To use any blasting material, to have a free choice, is the great advantage of compressed air blasting. Carbide, thermoplastics and organics are some possible materials. Blasting with centrifugal wheel systems is limited to just a few metal blasting materials.


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