SES is primarily specialized on special blast plants, because we find off-the-shelf production not to be innovative!

The modern industry makes high demand on the quality of the technical components. SES meets those demands by designing and producing special blasting plants for different industries. Many well-known companies are already using our products.

Our most important principle – never losing the big picture, the concept of task identity. Every plant is designed for your individual task.

Our Expertise

  1. Every unique plant of SES is designed individually and specifically for your task!
  2. SES can look back on more than four decades of experience in construction and production of blasting plants!
  3. SES disposes of extensive know-how! Thereby, we can guarantee a safe blating plant just now!
  4. We can reduce your costs for expandable parts up to 50%!


1998 foundation of the SES GmbH

SES arose from a leading german company of the blasting plants industry. Founder of the company are Heinz Ruholl & Günter Büscher. 

1999 development of the whole range of products for blasting plants

Establishment of the whole range of blast rooms and an extensive assortment of replacement and expendable parts.

2000 concept of the "SES high performance nozzle type S 500"

This principle improves proportion of the mixture air-and any blasting material, which provides higher performance. SES nozzles combine extraordinary endurance and distinguished shot blasting efficiency. Established and proven equipment in all industries.

2005 expansion of the sales network in europe

Development of the french office, which operates successfully in french-speaking countries.

2003 First implementation of an shotpeening plant (hardening) for wet- and dry processes

Hardening of aircraft chassis parts, fan blades and gearing components.

2004 SES specializes in implementation of special blast plants

SES develops special blast plants. Some examples are plants which harden the inner surface of passenger car axles, prepare brake carrier plates, plants for roughening the cylinder liner, paint stripping of aircraft rims and many more. 

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