The most common method, in the field of blasting technologies, uses compressed air to propel abrasive material. In comparison to other blasting machines, such as centrifugal wheel systems, it is preferably utilized for highly abrasive materials like corundum. Therefore, the blasting technology based on compressed air, enables a profiling focus and intensity of surface treatment. Listed below are different applications for "SES" blasting plants. Considering that the abrasive material is an essential parameter for every application.

  1. Surface consolidation of dynamic stressed parts i.e. gear wheels, turbine blades, axis and springs
  2. Surface roughening i.e. preparation of adherent or coating
  3. Derust of parts i.e. in steel industry
  4. Paint stripping i.e. in aerospace industry
  5. Deburring of parts i.e. in tool manufacturing industry
  6. Surface matting i.e. in glass industry
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